Fri. Aug 14th, 2020


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Gaming on the mobile has been increasing day by day the technology has been improving. Android game is something which is in great demand now a days. Well we know that the android game is not free this day, there are many mobile games which are free but when you will go for more high quality and good games then it will not free, they goanna charge you some amount of money for the game. There are many free android game full version which is easily available in play store.

More the game has developing day by day an which comes with some new features in them, they develop in such a way that the user must have a great experience.  With the release of an Android Vulkan API, and it is being better and better over time. we have mentioned some of the best game for android which you will must know and you will love to play.

Below we have mentioned some best games for Android.

  1. Crashlands
    Image result for Crashlands

Crash-lands was the game which is released in 2016 and it the best games for Android which is ever made. This game is all about the intergalactic trucker that ends up crash on an alien planet and have to find out what is going on, you need to build your base, and need collect various items and you have to save the world from nefarious plot.

  1. PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile liteImage result for PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile lite

PUBG mobile games is the game which was released on 2018 and it the best game till now for Android and Pc as well. It has been reached to ten million downloads and million user reviews. It comes with decent graphics. In this game 100 players will be placed on an island and you will have to survive till the end, after landing you need to search for Guns and each and everything to survive till the last zone. You can get it free android game full version.

  1. Pokémon GoImage result for Pokémon Go

Another best game available for Android is Pokémon Go which was released on July 2016 and become the best game for Android. It is Augmented Reality game in which you need walk around and catch the Pokémon.

Above you have mentioned some the best games for Android and you can also download free android game full version. If you like the content make sure you comment down below and thank you for reading